The lake is cleaned and stocked in 2000 with 5000 kilos carps between 1-1,5kg and this quantity is holding up repeatedly. Inhabitants of the lake are 200 carps with weight between 12 and 32 kg and another 500 carps with weight between 6-12 kg. The lake rocord is 28 kg common carp, 22 kg. grass carp and 33 kg. silverhead carp. An important rule for saving big fishes is that all catched carps with weight over 3 kg are obligatory released in the lake.

Payments for 1 fishing day - 10 Euro for 3 Rods. Payments for bivvy or camper is 10 euro per 24 hr., includes wireless internet, water, electricity and toilet per one angler.

Good sportsmanship in the field of fishing is compulsory.

Fishing competitions are regularly organised.


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