Castel lake was built on the left feeder of the Rositsa river. The flowing water comes from seven mountain springs. The bottom of the lake is hard and made of hazel(a type of rock). These circumstances keep the fish healthy and hardy.

The Lake is situated 15km away from Sevlievo and 18km from Gabrovo. There is an asphalted roadleading to the lake which binds the villages Batoshevo and Kastel. In the village of Batoshevo, which is situated 2km away from the lake, there are 2 monasteries of a big historic importance. "Lygyt"game breeding base is situated at the same direction but 35km in the midland mountain. The Etur architectural and ethnographical complex, which is popular throughout the world, is nearby, too. Troyan monastery is another very popular architectural monument situated 50 kilometres to the west.



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